Join our safaris – safe, well equipped and stylish!

The centre of our safari operations is Safari House, with a surface area of 360 m2, located within the Wildlife Park. Here we receive our guests and provide them with comprehensive safari equipment. We have smart and functional clothing for guests of all ages and every size. Holiday Village Gulo Gulo’s guests may use their warm safari equipment during the entire length of their stay – even during their own time.

The snowmobiles of Wildlife Safaris are perfectly suited for use on the safaris. They are ecological, quiet four-stroke snowmobiles that are low on emissions and are registered for two riders. What makes these snowmobiles special is their seat for three, which allows for a child to sit on the snowmobile together with the parents. During the summer we transport our guests by car or take our guests on guided hikes.

Safety and preventive measures are of utmost importance to us and we pay special attention to them during all of our safaris. Our guides have been trained to be prepared for all risks, and they instruct our customers on safety issues prior to every challenging programme. In case of the unlikely event of an accident, Wildlife Safaris has a joint rescue plan with the alarm control centre in the area of its operations.