Three-day long safari

Three days on a snowmobile!

Hop on the snowmobile, learn the best driving tips from a professional and set out into the authentic Nordic wilderness! This five-day tour will take you deep into nature and onto the fells of Lapland.


On Thursday, arrival at Rovaniemi Airport, from where we will transport you to Ranua, to check in to one of the Holiday Village Gulo Gulo’s unique apartments. Enjoy a delicious dinner, and let our guide tell you about the exciting programme and answer your questions.

DAY 2:

After breakfast, join us in the Safari House to pick up your safari equipment. Let our experienced guide give you driving instructions for driving a snowmobile, and tell you about the relevant safety issues. Then, start your snowmobile and set out with us on the 110 kilometre-long journey over the ice-covered lakes and through the snowy forests, heading for the Posio Wilderness Centre. At our destination, a warm sauna and a mouth-watering dinner await you. Unwind, enjoy, and have a good night’s sleep in a cosy log cabin or apartment.

DAY 3:

After breakfast, our trip continues deeper into the wilderness. If the snow conditions are favourable, you get to learn how to drive in deep snow. During this trip you get to taste a special treat: lunch prepared over an open fire. The third day’s drive is approximately 100 km, depending on weather conditions and the participants’ driving skills. In the afternoon we’ll arrive at Syöte, where you’ll have the chance to take a thrilling drive in a rally car or take part in a husky safari. Later in the day, enjoy a great dinner, unwind in a warm sauna, and have a good night’s sleep.

DAY 4:

After breakfast, our snowmobile safari heads back to Ranua. The fourth day’s drive is approximately 110 to 140 kilometres. You’ll begin to feel the safari’s strain in your muscles, hands and feet. After the ride, pamper yourself with a lengthy visit to a warm sauna to relax you muscles thoroughly. In the evening, enjoy a farewell dinner, laden with wonderful Lappish delicacies, and spend the last night in one of Gulo Gulo’s comfortable apartments for four to six people.

DAY 5:

After breakfast, we’ll transport you to Rovaniemi Airport by car. Alternatively, you can choose transportation from and to Rovaniemi by snowmobile.


Price: €1309 per person

Duration: Five days, of which three on a safari

Schedule: Winter season, January to April

Minimum group size: Four people

Important: The minimum age for a snowmobile driver is 16 years (you will need a valid driving licence for vehicles with at least 125 cc). The snowmobiles we use on our safaris are Lynx 550 cc.

The price includes transportation, a four-night stay in log cabins for four to six people (all with shower and toilet), meals (from the first night’s dinner to breakfast on the fifth morning), safaris (one person per snowmobile), equipment (warm driving suit, shoes, socks, mittens, hat, gloves, helmet cap and helmet), guidance in English, insurance (deductible €550 per crash). Driving distances may change due to weather conditions or the group’s driving skills.