A Visit to Santa Claus in his Secret Hideout Cabin

In the commune of Ranua, close to the Ranua Wildlife Park, you have the chance to visit Santa in his very, very secret place, his Hideout Cabin in the wilderness. After your arrival or a little stay in Ranua, you will meet your guide who drives you and your family or your small entourage through the dark, snowy forest towards Santa’s secret place. Within merely a 10 minute ride, you will see a tiny light flickering from far away. The guide stops driving in order to discuss what the light might mean, what it could be – in the middle of the mysterious dusk and darkness of just snow-covered trees all around. In a short moment the ride continues, ever towards the light. As you come closer and closer, you will see a tiny wooden cabin appearing in the shimmering darkness, with candle lights flickering in the windows, smoke rising up from the chimney.

You stop here; at this point the children might go and peek through the windows to try and see who on earth could be staying in a sweet little cabin like this. The children, ever more curious of the sights they might have seen, courageously knock on the door. And who comes to open the door – but Santa himself, welcoming the family to step inside and stay awhile in the comforts of his cabin adorned with a fireplace, with handmade wooden sculptures and handicrafts all around, red blankets on the bed, his books and pens on the table. Santa explains that this is the place where he likes to come before all the Christmas work and hassle, to stay and relax, to enjoy the quiet of the woods and the nature around; where he comes after all the joy and delight of the Christmas festivities.

Santa continues explaining that he remembers the names of the children; that he knew they had arrived to Ranua and was expecting the family to perhaps even visit him, as many families, having gotten a little hint of a secret place in the woods, do visit him. And Santa takes his scrapbook to read aloud who has visited him lately. Santa has plenty fun little stories to tell, and with the children he also discusses about the school, the family, and the manners of the children; if they have behaved well, what they have learnt, during the past year. Santa also listens to the children’s questions, and answers them in his utterly unique, and always supportive, positive manner.

The visit takes about 20 minutes. After the fare-wells the guide drives the family back to the Holiday Village.


Price: Adults €100, children € 80

Duration: 45 minutes